Altamont Express Train Kills Truck Driver

Altamont Express Train Kills Truck Driver

According to The Mercury News, a pickup truck and a commuter train struck each other while the train was on its way to the Manteca station. The pickup truck was on the tracks as the train approached. The train was traveling at 72 mph, a full 7mph slower than the posted speed of 79 mph for trains in that area. The truck driver was killed. No passengers on the commuter train were injured.

Investigation into the matter has not concluded as to why the pickup truck was stopped on the tracks. According to investigators, the guard arms positioned near the accident site appeared to be functioning properly. However, if the guard arms were in fact operating as they should, then the question of how the pickup truck was able to navigate around them comes into play. All intersections that cross with railroad tracks need to be closely examined to ensure that all possible safety measures have been put into place, including those safety measures that serve to prevent motorists from entering into the path of oncoming trains.

While it has not yet been determined whether or not the driver intentionally left his vehicle parked on the tracks as he awaited a train, investigation into the matter will undoubtedly determine the most likely cause of this deadly crash. Once that cause is determined, it may reveal that negligence played some sort of role in the accident, and that negligence will have to be attributed to one party or another. In any event, accidents of all kinds need to be carefully scrutinized to determine why they occurred in the first place, and a skilled Northern California personal injury attorney should be the first resource you seek assistance from.

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