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Runaway Van Creates Multi-Car Crash on 101

Runaway Van Creates Multi-Car Crash on 101

According to a article, a local CBS affiliate in California’s Central Coast, a multi-car collision injured three motorists, two of which sustained severe injuries. The crash occurred when the driver of a white van traveling southbound on highway 101 lost control of the vehicle and hit a total of three other vehicles, all in succession. Reportedly, the white van first struck a passenger car, proceeded to hit another van that had been traveling northbound, and finally came to rest when it struck a big rig.

California Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the crash, although it has been determined that the driver of the white van was not operating the vehicle under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. It could be reasoned that the driver was simply driving recklessly and lost control of the vehicle, but it should also be examined as to whether or not any sort of malfunction with the van played a part in causing the accident. That is, faulty auto parts, such as brake pads and tires, can fail due to poor quality or a manufacturing defect, thus contributing to a car crash taking place.

Manufacturers of auto parts have an obligation to sell products that are safe and function properly. In instances where such a faulty auto product causes an accident, the manufacturer of that product can be held liable for damages associated with the failure or defect of the product. In any event, it is important to have someone on your side that will examine the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine where negligence played a contributing factor, and whom that negligence should be attributed to.

In you have recently been injured in an auto accident in San Jose, and you believe that faulty auto parts may have led to the accident occurring, please don’t hesitate to contact a skilled San Jose auto accident lawyer at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP. Our experienced product liability and personal injury attorneys will hold negligent parties accountable for causing your accident, and will seek monetary damages on your behalf to help assist with the costs associated with the accident. If you have been injured, call us today at (800) 900-0863 for a free case evaluation.