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Santa Cruz Pedestrian Accident Injuries Woman Near Elementary School

Santa Cruz Pedestrian Accident Injuries Woman Near Elementary School

San Francisco’s local CBS news affiliate, KPIX-TV (channel 5), recently reported in an account that a female motorist inadvertently caused harm to a female pedestrian and her 4-year-old son outside of Green Acres Elementary School at 966 Bostwick Lane. No parties involved were identified by name. The female pedestrian sustained major industries, while her son sustained minor injuries.

The pedestrian accident in Santa Cruz occurred around 8am, as the female pedestrian and her young son were walking through the school parking lot. At that same time, a female motorist accidentally hit her car’s gas pedal instead of the brake pedal as she attempted to pull into a parking space at the school. The motorist’s vehicle struck a nearby chain-link fence, which consequently dislodged from the ground. The end post of the fence struck the female pedestrian in the head. There was no report as to whether or not her son was struck by the post and/or fence. Both mother and son her were airlifted to a nearby trauma center for treatment.

It was determined that the female motorist was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and was not arrested by CHP officers who responded to the scene. The female motorist did not sustain any injuries and her child who was in the car with her also was not injured.

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