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Student Involved in Santa Clara Car Crash Awarded Damages

Student Involved in Santa Clara Car Crash Awarded Damages

An auto accident in Santa Clara that involved multiple vehicles has resulted in a $49 million jury award for a college student who was injured while on his way home from a camping trip. The injury accident took place on State Route 152, better known as the Pacheco Pass. Two trucks collided at or near the center line, and the vehicle that the injured college student was riding in was struck by one of the trucks. After a five week trial, it was determined that the driver of one truck was 60% at fault, the driver of the other truck was 35% at fault, and the state of California was 5% at fault.

The jury awarded the injured college student the multi-million dollar verdict to compensate him for a variety of costs associated with his accident and the resulting brain injury he sustained. That is, $3.4 million was allocated for his past medical expenses, $27.6 million was allocated towards his future medical expenses, $4.5 million was attributed for future lost wages, and another $13.5 million was awarded for general damages. In the end, the rights of the injured were protected, and the student’s future well-being has been at least partially safeguarded.

In all California auto accidents, accountability is attributed to at least one party whose actions are deemed negligent. In the above case, accountability was attributed to multiple parties, with each party being deemed a certain percentage responsible for the accident’s result. In order to ensure that the rights of the injured are not infringed upon in a court of law, all details and circumstances of an accident need to be thoroughly examined to determine exactly where negligent action may have led to injury.

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