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Santa Clara to Pay Settlement for Fatal Bike Accident

Santa Clara to Pay Settlement for Fatal Bike Accident

A California bike accident that consisted of three deaths, and has already resulted in millions of dollars being paid out to the victims’ families, has again resulted in monetary compensation awarded to the family of one of the victims. That is, the Associated Press reports that the father of the 30-year-old female victim of the accident will receive $800,000 in compensatory damages from Santa Clara County. The accident (first discussed in our November 4th post entitled “Families of Bike Accident Victims Collect Settlement from Santa Clara County”) occurred when a Santa Clara County deputy fell asleep while behind the wheel of his patrol car.

This settlement comes at the heels of a previous monetary award of $1.2 million to the girl’s mother. The county also previously settled for an amount of $2.3 million with the parents of one of the other victims in the accident. A third lawsuit filed by the family of the third victim is still pending, although if previous settlement amounts are any indication, the victim’s family should receive a significant settlement as well.
This case is emblematic of the accountability that must be accepted by a negligent party that is deemed to have somehow contributed towards causing an accident. In all cases of personal injury, accident victims have the right to seek compensatory damages from individuals that may have played a role in causing their injuries. Regardless of the circumstances, the best course of action an accident victim can take is retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney that will fight to ensure that the victim’s rights are not infringed upon in a court of law.

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