San Francisco Ranks Second in Number of Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco Ranks Second in Number of Pedestrian Accidents

The Sacramento Bee recently ran an article that revealed that the streets of San Francisco are the second most dangerous place for pedestrians. Reportedly, San Francisco ranks solely behind New York City as the nation’s leader in pedestrian fatalities. According to Transportation for America and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership, the two groups that created the report, San Francisco ranks No. 40 overall on the “Pedestrian Danger Index.”

Claims made by Walk San Francisco, a pedestrian advocacy group situated in San Francisco, state that the fatality rate per 100,000 people in the city is 2.6 percent. This figure is 70 percent higher than the national average. The report also speculates that most pedestrian deaths are in fact preventable, with the primary causes of such accidents being a lack of safe sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and other preventative measures put into place to protect pedestrians. And San Francisco isn’t the only area in Northern California that failed to rank well for pedestrian safety. The Sacramento-Arden-Roseville metropolitan area ranks No. 22 nationally, while the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area comes in at No. 26.

Pedestrian safety should be of the utmost concern to state departments of transportation and county and municipal transit agencies. In the event that negligent action on the part of some governing party leads to pedestrian injury, then that party may be held liable for damages associated with the injury. In fact, in any type of accident, the negligent party who contributes towards causing the accident can often be held liable for monetary compensation to assist injured individuals in recovering from their accident.

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