San Jose Pedestrian Accident Kills Man

San Jose Pedestrian Accident Kills Man

The Mercury News recently reported in an article that a San Jose resident was struck and killed while crossing the street north of Downtown San Jose. The 51-year-old, whose name was not revealed, was struck between Hedding Street and Mission Avenue while crossing First Street. The man was taken to a local hospital after the pedestrian accident in San Jose, but medical personnel were unable to save him.

The man was struck by a white 2008 BMW, according to a Sergeant. The BMW was driven by a 33-year-old, San Jose woman. The woman was not determined to be under the influence of any substance, nor did she flee the scene of the accident. She has not been charged with a crime as of yet.

San Jose police report that this incident is the ninth involving pedestrian death in vehicle-related collisions in the city of San Jose in 2009. Though negligence may not have played as much of a role in this man’s death as it has in other pedestrian related deaths, negligence is still one of the leading causes for pedestrian injury in vehicle-related accidents.

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