Marin County Rollover Crash Injures Teens

Marin County Rollover Crash Injures Teens

According to a San Francisco local CBS affiliate report, four Marin County teenagers were recently injured in a rollover accident. The driver of the car, 18-year-old Christopher Oshaben, was not injured, but his passengers, all under the age of 18 and not identified by name, suffered non-life threatening injuries. Those with injuries were taken to Marin General Hospital for treatment.

California Highway Patrol is investigating the car crash in San Francisco, and does not believe that alcohol played a factor. It was not reported whether or not any other vehicles were involved. Updates on the conditions of the injured teens were unavailable.

Rollover accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Driver inattention and reckless driving is one major reason, but there are other factors that can contribute as well. Faulty vehicle design, mostly with SUVs, can also contribute to vehicle rollover. Dangerous road conditions, such as poorly planned roads with sharp turns that do not have proper traffic signage to warn motorists to reduce speeds, can also cause a vehicle to rollover. Or, if traffic signage is present, then that signage may not be legible, either because it is obstructed by shrubbery, faded due to weather exposure, or in some other state of disrepair. Even poorly paved roads can contribute towards causing a rollover accident.

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