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    "I am exremely satisfied with services provided by Rich Eichenbaum and happy with outcome

    I was a retirement- aged person when I fell down in a fitness club and severely fractured my wrist. Later on I was involved in ambulance/emergency room and eventually a surgery. The club offered me 3-month free membership but I did think this was adequate. I contacted a couple of attorneys and was all turned down by them because of the liability waiver form I signed with the club, I was very frustrated... Fortunately I found Rich Eichenbaum, he reviewed my case and finally informed me of his acceptance for the case, I started to cherish a hope again. He and his team have given me and my wife wonderful services, every time when we were there, we were made feel at home. Rich spent time with us to explain each step he would take, and we just carefully followed his instructions. His entire team is wonderful, second to none. Our case was just close last week. I were totally surprised with the outcome that we were informed before X'mas. We are so happy with this outcome. Thank you, Rich!!"

    - Howard Zhang

    "My experience.

    It has been an interesting and a learning experience. The staff was very pleasant, informative and helpful. At times I couldn't understand the procedures and it was explained to me in every details until it was clear to me. They are very patient and efficient. I met the entire staff at different visits, they shook my hand and smiled. Richard has been very patient and helpful. I would recommend their services should I come across anyone for references. Thank you all. Claire"

    - Claire Kushner

    "Saved me a lot of stress and hard work

    Everyone at the firm was extremely helpful during what is normally a very complicated and convoluted process. I wouldn't have known how to properly handle my situation, but they guided me through everything and took care a lot of the heavy lifting. I was injured in a motorcycle accident, and they took care of everything from day one in a quick and efficient manner. As someone who hates dealing with insurance companies and having to talk to them at all, I really appreciated them taking care of all the hard work and getting me a great settlement. Highly, highly recommend."

    - Farouk Rice

    "Professional yet personal. This legal team was outstanding and if we ever have the need, we would call them again immediately.

    In 2014 our family was involved in an auto accident that not only totaled our vehicle, but left us with injuries that altered our lives for many months. The legal team at Caputo and Van Der Walde took care of us. We were listened to, sympathized with, and had action taken on our behalf to determine and win a worthy settlement for each one of us. Without hesitation, this is a quality firm whom we would chose to represent us again if necessary."

    - Jason & Danielle Allen

    "Excellent, dedicated service for cyclists

    I was involved in a bike vs. car collision, and the attorneys at Caputo & Van Der Walde took great care of me. I was hesitant to enlist the help of an attorney at first, but when I realized that the driver's insurance company was trying to take advantage of me, I decided it was the right thing to do. I worked with both Paul Van der Walde and Dan Schaar, and they took great care of me. They handled everything related to insurance and medical bills for me so I could focus on recovering and living my life. They have consistently been very prompt at responding to my emails and questions, and have made sure I understand the status of my case."

    - Steven Foote

    "You have restored my faith in the litigation legal profession today and I am grateful.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your advice today. You don’t even know me and yet you still took a generous amount of your time to help me. I feel that I was only able to get this lawsuit out of my life because of your willingness to assist. You have restored my faith in the litigation legal profession today and I am grateful."

    - J.C.

    "Prompt, very professional, and explained everything clearly!

    Paul was always prompt, very professional, and explained everything clearly . . . it felt very personal and comfortable. Thanks, Paul."

    - Phil R.

    "Paul and his team exhibit integrity, candor and competence. I recommend him highly.

    Paul took excellent care with my case. He and his staff took the time to explain each step of the process and they were very helpful throughout. Paul was committed to my case and is a strong advocate for his clients. I appreciated his high degree of professionalism and cordiality. I was well informed throughout the process and had a good sense of what the probable outcomes could be. Paul and his team exhibit integrity, candor and competence. I recommend him highly. Paul and the entire staff at Caputo & Van Der Walde, LLP gave us great support during our case. I had no previous legal experience, so it was reassuring that Paul and his team kept us informed throughout the case. Working with them was a good experience despite a two week long trial. Knowledge, experience and great personalities are some of the strong assets possessed by their legal team."

    - Louise K.

    "Many, many thanks for your willingness to help me.

    Many, many thanks for your willingness to help me. Even though I was "small potatoes," it was stressful [and] grey hair producing nonetheless. So, I appreciate your good humor and genuine human-ness. You both are gems.... THANKS for everything."

    - Kim

    "I would not have gotten through this devastating event without Paul's help.

    In September 2002, I was involved in an accident in which an elderly man ran a red light, and broadsided my car. The impact caused my airbags to deploy and totaled my car. After my visit to the Emergency Room I learned my left wrist was severely fractured. It would take 2 surgeries, a lot of physical therapy, and over a year for the wrist to heal. With so much to think about in regard to my injury and healing, along with the constant frustration in dealing with the insurance companies, I decided to get an attorney to help me through this process. When I first met with Paul, I was not doing well emotionally, or physically, with my injury. Paul assured me he would handle everything with the insurance companies and I could focus on healing. His genuine concern along with his knowledge of personal injury law and the legal process was quite a relief for me. He consistently kept me informed throughout the process, taking his time to thoroughly address any questions or concerns I may have, and he always made himself available when I needed his guidance. Although my case has been settled and my wrist is healed, I often think I would not have gotten through this devastating event without Paul's help. I can highly recommend Paul to any person who is in need of an attorney. He is compassionate, honest, highly knowledgeable, and responsive, a rare find in these times."

    - Nancy O.

    "I was very satisfied and should I ever need your help in the future you can count on me to contact you.

    I want to thank you, Eva, Julia and all your staff for your help throughout this process. I was very satisfied and should I ever need your help in the future you can count on me to contact you. Thank you again. It was a pleasure."

    - Pat

    "I was very satisfied with his work and happy with the outcome.

    Paul Van Der Walde was a great help with my case. When I came to him my case was not in good shape. I had a bad experience with another lawyer and I did not know what a good one was like until I began working with Paul. He always got back to me and kept me informed. I was very satisfied with his work and happy with the outcome."

    - Harley F.

    "Your service was great!

    Your service was great! The personal touch that everyone had was the thing that sets you apart from everyone else."

    - D.M.

    "Our association with this office has been super!

    Our association with this office has been super! I would have no hesitation in asking about other matters. Thanks!"

    - Joyce B.


    Paul seemed genuinely interested and concerned about my case. He is really easy to talk to."

    - Tina K.

    "For your efforts I am profoundly grateful.

    This is a belated, but nonetheless very sincere, letter of appreciation for your excellent handling of the complexities of insurance coverage and for recovering substantial damages for my personal injuries and property loss following my biking accident that occurred on July 13, 2003. I frequently mentally replay that incident, involving being "rear-ended" in a well-marked bike lane by an uninsured driver who, as result, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. As you know, I sustained severe injuries that included soft tissue, nerve and cervical damage. The latter required fusion of the C-6 and C-7 vertebrae. Unfortunately, the damage to the C-7 nerve has not healed, notwithstanding the neurosurgeon's valiant attempts to free-up the passage of the nerve through the vertebrae. In all, I do realize I am very lucky to have survived the accident. But I also realize that, in turning to you to handle all of the legal issues that arose out of the accident, I saved myself considerable mental and emotional grief, as a result of which I am sure my recovery was hastened. As a fellow attorney who specializes in an entirely different field of law, I knew full well that the adage about representing one's own interests (fool for a client, etc.) would apply. However, also as an attorney, I can appreciate all the more the skill and experience that you brought to my case. Aside from the limitations upon recovery and the complexities of uninsured motorist's law, you developed a legal strategy that provided the greatest recovery against competing and recalcitrant insurance companies as well as Medicare. Your research of unsettled questions of coverage followed by skillful advocacy of our legal rights successfully convinced the insurers involved in the case that settlement on our terms was in their own best interests. For your efforts I am profoundly grateful. I would be pleased to recommend your representation, as indeed I have, to others who find themselves in need of legal assistance in your field of practice."

    - David S.

    "I will highly recommend Paul Van Der Walde for any and all personal injury

    In early 2004, my wife's 96 year old mother had a very serious Trip and Fall accident on a "raised sidewalk" in Campbell, Calif. Her injuries required hospitalization for a fractured eye socket among numerous other problems/bruises. We took the advice of our son and contacted Paul Van Der Walde to determine whether or not our concerns regarding legal action were justified. Our initial meeting with Mr. Van Der Walde was confirmation of the recommendation we had received of him and convinced us that going forward with the case was indeed justified. Recognizing the age of my wife's mother might be a detriment in Mr. Van Der Walde's interest in the case, turned out to be just the opposite. He treated her with carefully addressed concern, compassion and for her age and in general, "appreciation for a very sweet aged lady". He was dogged in his investigation. Given that there were no direct witnesses and extremely professional in his "technical" approach to the fact finding mission of the Trip and Fall that clearly was necessary. During the 6-9 months necessary to compile the facts of the case, Mr. Van Der Walde kept my wife and me informed of the progress and more importantly the facts, pertaining to the identification of those responsible, that were being unraveled through his investigation. Approximately 1 year from the date of the Trip and Fall, the case was settled amicably between all parties. During which, Mr. Van Der Walde presented our case to the Mediator in a most professional and factual manner from the initial accident, through the responsibilities of those involved, to the justification of the financial requirements and finally, to a fair and equitable settlement for "a very sweet 97 year old lady."-----thus avoiding a costly and trying jury trial. I do not take "recommendations" lightly as I believe each individual is motivated by their own personal experiences. However, I will highly recommend Paul Van Der Walde for any and all personal injury Legal action because of his individualistic approach to his clientele."

    - Frank M.

    "Your meeting with us meant more than you’ll ever know and for which we are so grateful.

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to meet with Robert and me during a very stressful time in our lives and for listening to us with concern for our feelings and providing insightful answers to our questions. We appreciated your advice and the personal attention you gave us. Even though there are many unknowns and uncertainties in our future, you helped quiet some of our fears and gave us some idea of what we can expect going forward. Your meeting with us meant more than you’ll ever know and for which we are so grateful. I hope you and your family enjoy this small gift that I know doesn’t come close to compensating you for your time and attention."

    - I.R. and R.R.

    "I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and expertise in handling my case.

    I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and expertise in handling my case. Sometimes, someone in life, comes along to help others and give their gift of talent! It is very rare. Bless you!"

    - Anonymous

    "Excellent knowledge of law, kept me informed and the staff was great.

    Excellent knowledge of law, kept me informed and the staff was great. I had a great experience with Caputo & Van Der Walde, LLP and would recommend them to others in need of similar services."

    - Anonymous