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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person ever has to deal with in life. Family members and survivors trying to move on is inevitably extremely challenging as feelings of loss and grief predominate. Dealing with the legal consequences of a wrongful death may seem unimportant or even trite but the negligent parties responsible for the loss should not be permitted to escape legal accountability. Those who have lost a loved one are legally entitled to seek compensatory damages on behalf of the deceased in a court of law.

A wrongful death lawsuit attempts to provide surviving family members with monetary relief as they deal with the emotional and financial consequences of a tragic loss. Damages compensate for both expenses stemming from the wrongful death (i.e. funeral expenses and loss of financial contribution) and for emotional or mental injury in the form of loss of companionship and consortium and emotional stress. In addition, a wrongful death action allows survivors to recoup financial losses in the form of wage loss and past medical bills.

A wrongful death lawsuit may be brought by certain survivors of the decedent. Generally speaking, any "loved one" may file suit, including spouses, children, step-children, financial dependents, and parents. Multiple parties may qualify to bring a lawsuit and the claims asserted and compensation can vary depending on who the plaintiffs are. For example, if a father is killed in a car crash, both his children and wife may have claims. Moreover, the type and amount of compensation could differ depending on the age of the children and other particular details of the case. To ensure the best possible arguments and strategies are implemented in a wrongful death action, you should retain the services of our experienced wrongful death law firm. We will explore all possible claims and carefully investigate the circumstances of your case so that the compensation received is sufficient given the circumstances of your loss.

If you've recently lost a loved one, please don't forget that you have rights to fair compensation under California law and that there is assistance available to you as you cope with a difficult time. Compensation is never a replacement for the loss of life but it can relieve the financial burden and stress that accompany most wrongful deaths. For more information about wrongful death claims, please don't hesitate to contact Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP. Our experienced personal injury attorneys offer free and confidential consultations, and will fight to make sure your rights, and the rights of your lost loved one, are properly represented in a court of law. Please call (800) 900-0863 today to speak with one of our skilled wrongful death attorneys.

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