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Bicycle riding is a popular activity for riders of all abilities and is a mainstay of the culture. Whether taking a neighborhood cruise with your kids or heading out on a century tour with your cycling club, the weather and scenery of Santa Cruz could not provide better incentive to get out and spin your wheels. While no one heads out on a bike ride expecting to get in an accident, the unfortunate truth is that bicycle accidents occur at a high rate and a serious accident has the power to negatively affect the lives of everyone involved.

Bike Crash Statistics

Over the past several years, collisions involving injury or death have increased by 26%. The most heavily affected areas are Soquel Drive/Avenue, Pacific Avenue, Laurel Street, and Bay Street. There are many precautions which can be taken and riders should always wear a helmet and highly visible clothing, especially at night. A properly functioning bicycle with working head and tail lights and well-maintained brakes is also essential to safety. Even the most prepared rider, however, can become a bicycle accident injury victim through no fault of his or her own.

Car and truck drivers are often responsible for serious bicycle accident injuries and almost 80% of all Santa Cruz bike accidents involve a motor vehicle. Riders are no match for the tons of steel they face in motor vehicle accidents and some typical accident scenarios include motorists failing to yield the right of way, drivers crowding riders off the road, and motor vehicle drivers simply refusing to share the road with bicyclists as required by law.

Dangerous Bicycle Parts

Manufacturers, retailers and repair shops can also be liable for bike accidents; faulty repairs and manufacturing defects are just a few examples. When something goes unexpectedly wrong in the middle of a ride, riders are left terrified and many times helpless. Even worse, a rider may not know what went wrong in the first place. The skilled attorneys at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP are adept at handling bike accident cases and will thoroughly investigate all the details of your case to uncover any negligence on the part of manufacturers or repair shops. We will hire the right experts, conduct accident reconstructions and ensure that those at fault for your injuries are held accountable and you receive the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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