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Tractor trailers can weigh more than 30 times the mass of a standard passenger car and significantly more than the mass of a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian. Since trucks tend to be so massive, they often prove to be particularly dangerous - while truck accidents constitute only 0.5 million annual US motor vehicle accidents, they contribute to more than 5,000 road deaths each year, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Trucks also have large, awkward dimensions, big blind spots, odd cargo, and less responsive steering and braking mechanisms. Beyond that, many truckers labor under difficult economic circumstances. Even though regulations explicitly prohibit truckers from doing things like driving while under the influence of amphetamines or driving for long stretches without breaks, the economics of the trucking industry encourage drivers to take risks. Truckers get paid when they deliver their loads; in general, the faster a driver drops off his or her load, the more money he or she will be paid. This fundamental incentive - to go faster and farther - drives many truckers to break the rules and either violate their hours of service, take drugs or medications, or otherwise "cut corners" to save money and increase efficiency.

Furthermore, after a truck accident, it can be very difficult for investigators to trace the true origin of the crash. Obviously, the most proximate cause of the crash may not be hard to spot. For instance, say a truck driver blew through a red light while chatting on the cell phone and sideswiped your vehicle. Clearly, the driver's negligence and carelessness were prime factors.

But a closer look at the evidence may show that the trucking company had failed to screen their drivers carefully. A company that hired a negligent driver could be liable as well. Furthermore, perhaps the traffic light that the trucker ran was difficult to see or poorly lighted. In that case, perhaps the municipal agency responsible for upkeeping the roads could also be liable. In other words, a closer and more careful investigation might show that, while the driver was certainly partially to blame, his or her trucking company and the state road agency also contributed to the circumstances of the crash.

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