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Truck Accident FAQs

What are some common causes of truck accidents?

  • Truck driver negligence or carelessness
  • Bad road conditions
  • Inclement weather
  • Poorly marked roads, intersections, et cetera
  • A third driver or other party causing interference (e.g. swerving into a lane, causing the truck to swerve into your lane)
  • Mechanical failure, such as a brake failure or tire failure
  • Over loaded or over sized trucks
  • Driver operating the truck under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or prescription medications

Why are truck accidents so much more dangerous, statistically speaking, than other kinds of motor vehicle accidents?

The answer boils down to physics. According to Newton's famous equation, F=MA, the force an object imparts equals its mass times its acceleration. Another way of thinking about this is that when an object rapidly decelerates (goes from a high speed to a low speed), the force that it imparts depends on its mass. Thus, when a very massive object slows from, say 60 miles per hour to 0 miles per hour in 2 seconds, it will impart a much greater force than a decelerating object of lesser mass.

To make this less technical sounding, here's an example. Say a 20-ton truck rams into a brick wall at 60 miles per hour. It will impart 10 times the force of a 2 ton car that crashes into the brick wall at the same speed. and 100 times the force of 200 pound scooter that crashes into the same wall at the same speed.

In short, truck accidents are more severe because they involve much greater forces.

What are some key truck accident statistics?

Approximately three quarters of truck accidents happen on rural or country roads. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other independent groups, approximately 500,000 tractor trailer accidents occur each year. More than 4 people die each hour in truck accidents in the United States - that equals more than 5,000 deaths per year or one out of every 8 traffic deaths on US roads.

Why isn't more being done to regulate the trucking industry to lower these horrific statistics?

This is a great question. In fact, personal injury advocate groups will point out many flaws with the current US trucking regulations. For instance, many truckers are allowed by the rules to drive until any normal person would get extremely fatigued. The very nature of trucking commerce creates a tremendous incentive for drivers to keep themselves awake, drive long distances in big stretches, and cut costs wherever possible (including costs to keep trucks and trailers up to grade).

What can I do to hold a trucker, trucking company or a insurance company responsible for my injuries and the damage to my vehicle?

Be aware that major trucking companies (and their insurers) will have a strong incentive to fight your claim and refuse a fair settlement, even if the evidence is on your side. That's why it is so important to work with an attorney team that has a track record for success and who understands how insurance companies work and what tactics defendants in these kinds of cases usually try to leverage.

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