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Trucking Accident FAQs

Whether a semi truck plowed into your brother's car or a big rig ran your SUV off the road and totaled your car and gave you whiplash, you likely have many burning questions about how to proceed, how to handle your insurance situation, and how to strategically manage all the problems that the crash created. This truck accident FAQ will hopefully answer some of those concerns.

What information should you collect immediately after a truck accident?

Collect as much information as you can. In essence, "over collect." Take pictures of the crash, if possible; if you are too injured, designate a passenger or witness to take pictures for you. Collect names and contact info from witnesses, other drivers, and other relevant parties. Get driver's license information, VIN numbers, insurance info, license plate numbers, et cetera.

Who might be liable for the costs that stem from the accident?

Many potential parties could be held responsible - more than you probably think. Obviously, if a truck driver negligently ran a red light, he (or she) could be named as a defendant in a truck accident lawsuit. But a variety of other parties "behind the scenes" might also be liable. For instance, the owner of the trucking company could be sued for hiring an under qualified driver or forcing his truckers to work more hours than the law allows. A parts manufacturer or even the designer of the truck could be sued for bad engineering. For instance, say a truck mechanic fails to test a cargo hold's weight limitations. The truck then later releases its load on to the highway and causes an accident. In that case, the mechanic could be held liable. Furthermore, insurance companies who represent any of these liable parties could be forced to compensate you.

What kind of truck accident injuries and damages are compensable?

Damages might include medical bills or surgery you had, the time you had to take off of work ("wages lost"), long-term rehab and therapy, damage to your automobile, and attorney's fees and court costs.

Can I still file suit against a negligent driver if I was partially responsible for the accident?

Yes. Even if you caused or contributed to the accident, you may have rights to collect, particularly if you can show if that another driver's negligence, carelessness, or other misbehavior also caused or contributed to what happened.

Do I have unlimited time to file a claim?

No. Something called a "statute of limitations" limits your right to make a claim against the negligent trucker, trucking company or responsible insurer after a certain amount of time has elapsed after the crash.

I still have so many questions about how to deal with insurance companies and how to organize my thoughts. Who can I turn to for help to clarify my goals?

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