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Make Your Case After Someone Else Causes You Harm

People who visit property controlled or owned by another, from offices to retail stores to homes, have the inherent right to expect reasonably safe conditions that are free from dangerous hazards. This is an extent of a property owner’s duty of care to any welcome visitor, guest, or patron. If the premises are allowed to deteriorate or sudden hazards are not addressed in a timely manner, California premises liability law states that the property owner can be held liable the damages that result directly from their negligence.

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Filing a Claim Against All Possible Parties

In many premises liability cases, it is not immediately clear who is responsible for the condition of the premises. An office environment, for example, may be controlled and maintained by a business renting a suit and the landlord who actually owns the entire building. Premises liability plaintiffs are often encouraged to file a claim against any identifiable parties – landlords, tenants, renters, homeowners, etc. – and wait for a response from their insurance companies, who will be tasked at decided who is ultimately liable.

It should be noted that filing a premises liability claim becomes more difficult if significant liability can be placed on the injured party. Someone who is not behaving safely or using the premises abnormally, such as walking across desks in an office and tripping off one, may not receive compensation due to their own liability. Additionally, a person trespassing on a property illegally typically gains a sizeable portion of liability automatically.

Potential Dangers on Neglected Premises

Our Campbell premises liability attorneys have seen premises liability cases of all sorts. Throughout our decades of legal practice – our firm has nearly 100 years altogether – we have seen claims originating from accidents in the home, retail locations, office buildings, public settings, and so forth. All of our experience gives us an edge from the beginning of each new case we handle, for we have probably already seen other cases like it in the past.

Some of the most common causes of premises liability cases are:

  • Slip and fall hazards: Lifted carpets, loose wiring, slick tiles, and puddles can all pose serious dangers to visitors, despite these hazards seeming innocuous. Property managers must react accordingly whenever such a hazard is identified.
  • Dog bites: Homeowners are largely responsible for the behavior of their dogs and other pets. If they have reason to believe their animal is dangerous, warnings must be posted clearly around the property’s perimeter.
  • Missing handrails: Stairs can be difficult to navigate on their own, especially for the elderly or people who have physical disabilities. Broken or missing handrails are an inexcusable hazard that can lead to significant injury.
  • Negligent security: Some locations are known to be dangerous, or may attract crime, such as a convenience store that is open 24 hours a day. Owners of such premises may be expected to provide security to protect welcome patrons.

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