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  • Class Actions Filed Against Michigan Governor for Flint Water Crisis

    Posted By Caputo & Van Der Walde || 9-Mar-2016

    When Flint, Michigan’s water source was switched from the system nearby Detroit used to its own Flint River back in 2014, city officials believed they would be saving money and reducing costs. They had no idea how much the decision would eventually cost the city and its residents, especially now that class action lawsuits are being filed against Michigan State Governor Rick Snyder and ...
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  • What Chemicals Might Be Making You Sick in the Workplace?

    Posted By Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP || 12-Jun-2012

    A northern California worker does not have to work in a related field to be at risk for seriously harmful chemical exposure, an incident which may occur all at once or over an extended period of time. While construction workers and those working in a field directly dealing with chemical use are often exposed to highly dangerous chemicals, even an everyday office worker may be impacted by chemical ...
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