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  • Follow These Slip-and-Fall Injury Prevention Tips

    Posted By Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP || 31-Jan-2014

    In comparison to other types of accidents, slip-and-fall accidents may seem extremely minor to the point of being negligible; however, this is a misconception, albeit a popular one. Every year, many people are seriously injured or killed in slip-and-fall accidents. They can occur in both public and private spaces, at work or at home – a slip-and-fall hazard can be present in any location. ...
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  • Researchers Discover Mechanism Behind Spinal Cord Neuron Regeneration in Sea Lamprey

    Posted By Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP || 14-Jan-2014

    When a human suffers a spinal cord injury (SCI), the damage done to his or her nerve connections is permanent, rendering him or her debilitated or even paralyzed. However, when lower vertebrates like the sea lamprey, a fish that has the appearance of an eel, experience injury to their spinal cord, they are able to recover thanks to their ability to regenerate nerve connections. Researchers at ...
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