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Across the nation, individuals employed in high-risk professions are well aware that their chances of injury on the job are higher than they are for many other workers. Employees have an expectation that their employers will do what is in their power to keep workers safe, but that is not always the case. If you have lost a loved one as the result of a workplace situation, we encourage you to speak with our firm at once. Our San Jose wrongful death attorneys can help you file a claim for just compensation.

Every year, many individuals die in workplace accidents that were preventable. Employer carelessness or reckless endangerment is routinely the direct cause of such accidents. Some examples of types of negligence that can cause deaths in the workplace include:

  • Failing to train workers on how to use potentially dangerous machines and other equipment
  • Failing to provide necessary safety equipment
  • Knowingly exposing workers to carcinogenic or other toxic substances
  • Failing to keep workplaces clear of spills that could lead to slips and falls

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When a spouse, child, or parent dies on the job, the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit can seem like a daunting one. Indeed, there are several obstacles to overcome. The employer will likely have his or her own legal team that will try to pin the blame on the worker. The burden is on the survivor to prove there was negligence and that the accident was not due to an inherent risk of the job. In addition, survivors usually have a limited amount of time to file a case before the statute of limitations expires.

It is crucial for the survivor to enlist the help of a lawyer as soon as possible. Our legal professionals at Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP can help you determine the types of wrongful death damages you should seek and analyze the strength of your case, and provide complimentary initial consultations and evaluations if you are in the San Jose area. We can help you decide on your best course of legal action after the tragic loss of a loved one at work.

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