Accidents Occuring at Intersections in San Jose

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Intersections are well regulated by traffic laws, but pose imminent danger to all motorists nevertheless. All safety measures need to be working together in perfect harmony in order to ensure that motorists are safe while traveling through intersections. Unfortunately, there are a variety of ways in which motorists can be injured at intersections, not all of which involve other drivers. In the event that driving conditions at an intersection are ultimately unsafe, the likelihood of an accident occurring is greatly increased, as is the likelihood of serious injury taking place.

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Obeying Traffic Signals

First and foremost, traffic signals and traffic signs must be properly maintained in order to ensure driver safety. Stop signs can become faded by prolonged exposure to the elements, or obstructed by nearby plants and shrubbery, significantly hindering a motorist's ability to follow traffic laws and safely pass through intersections. Traffic signals are mechanical aids that help regulate traffic at intersections. However, as with all mechanical or computerized systems, error can easily arise.

Though traffic signals are monitored by traffic technicians to ensure that vehicular traffic does not become too extensive on surface streets, they can still temporarily fail nevertheless. Failure of systems that have been put into place to ensure motorist safety can cause significant confusion and lead to a greater likelihood of an intersection accident occurring. In any event, these dangerous road conditions, none on which have been caused by drivers, can play significant factors in leading to and ultimately being responsible for intersection accidents.

California intersection accidents are often caused by reckless driving, which can take on a variety of forms:

  • Failure to yield at stop signs
  • Failure to yield to traffic signals when the light displayed is yellow
  • Illegally making left and right hand turns either into or against traffic
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians, regardless of whether or not said pedestrians are following traffic laws
  • Traveling at speeds greater than the posted speed limit, disabling motorists from safely being able to come to a complete stop at intersections
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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